Início » Executive Committee of the Deep Cooperation Zone recruits Macao residents for the first time

Executive Committee of the Deep Cooperation Zone recruits Macao residents for the first time

*Leong Sun Iok

The Executive Committee of the Hengqin Deep Cooperation Zone announced earlier that it will open for the first time 26 vacancies for the recruitment of Macao permanent residents, with a wide variety of jobs in the areas of law, urban planning, administration and finance, commerce, economy and financial statistics. In the current situation of strong competition for civil service jobs, this recruitment offers good employment and development opportunities for Macao residents, who can become the “pioneers” of the development of the Deep Cooperation Zone.

Executive Committee recruitment adopts Mainland China recruitment system, with six vacancies for senior executives and 20 vacancies for mid-level executives. The terms offered are attractive, with pre-tax annual salaries of up to 520,000 renminbi for senior executives and 330,000 renminbi for mid-level executives, as well as 22 days of paid annual leave and benefits such as the Housing Provident Fund and insurance. According to the information provided
via the Zona website, more than 1,000 people have already applied for these positions, with youth jobs in the field of social affairs being the most popular.

From the first of this month, Macau residents can enjoy a series of tax benefits and support measures to work and live in Hengqin, including exemption from personal income tax that exceeds Macau tax. All these policies and measures reflect the country’s support for the development of Macao residents. With the development of the Cooperation Zone, it is believed that more employment opportunities will be available in the future, and young people should cherish the opportunities while striving for their self-improvement.

*Federation of Macao Workers’ Associations

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