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Zhuhai-Macau cooperation to develop motor sports

Leong Sun Iok, Federation of Macao Workers' Associations

Macau has a long history in motorsport, with the Macau Grand Prix being held for the 70th consecutive year. It is a highly prestigious event, and authorities are expected to take advantage of the international reputation of this competition to add more elements and attract more domestic and foreign visitors, as well as create and promote the development of emerging industries through this opportunity.

Due to resource and space limitations, training conditions for motorsport talents are not satisfactory. It is suggested that the authorities of Zhuhai and Macau create a synergistic effect to promote the systematic training of talents and ensure the sustainable development of the motor sports industry in Macau.

The Macau Grand Prix was initially organized for local racing enthusiasts, but over the years it has become an internationally renowned race. The Government has actively promoted elements not related to gambling, promoting the “Tourism+Sports” principle, with concessionaires having to fulfill their social responsibility through the organization of these sporting events. It is suggested that the Government promotes the industrialization of sporting events in the future, if conditions exist. In addition to attracting tourists, the Grand Prix can also support other industries and bring direct economic benefits, thus promoting diversification and economic development. It is also expected that the resources used by the concessionaires in fulfilling their social responsibility duties can be directed to the community and the training of athletes.

It has been 27 years since the construction of the Zhuhai International Circuit. It was the first permanent international circuit in China, measuring 4.3 kilometers in length. It not only attracts many drivers from Hong Kong and Macau, but also sports fans. Its main sources of revenue include tickets, rental of resident teams, sponsors, and others, according to one of the representatives. The Circuit is completely market-oriented and self-financed. Racing is not the main source of income and event content is adjusted according to consumer preferences. For example, in the past, fans were just in the stands, but now they are taken to the circuit for parades, or even music festivals organized at night.

Macau has a motorsport culture, has an established brand and international connection capabilities; the Zhuhai Circuit has convincing facilities and training conditions. With integration into the Greater Bay Area, the two places can think about developing the sport together – through the Macau platform and the existing conditions in Zhuhai. Sharing resources between the two places can integrate the Macau Grand Prix into Zhuhai’s automobile industry and create extraordinary revenue. Basically, making the motorsport industry also an element in the construction of the Greater Bay Area.

Federation of Macau Workers’ Associations

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