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There is a Russian “new invasion” prepared for early 2023

“We foresee this scenario. We are preparing for that attack. We live with the thought that they will strike again.” The certainty that Russia will attempt a “new invasion” from the North, using Belarusian territory, was reinforced by a top Ukrainian military officer in an interview with Sky News.

Andrii Kovalchuk, Major General, says he has information and “believes” that Moscow forces will try until February 24 – the date on which Russian attacks begin – to invade Ukraine on three fronts: East and South, reinforcing their presence in the land, and try again to enter from the North and reach Kiev.

However, he said, this time Ukraine is “more prepared to defend itself against Putin’s attacks and troops. “More prepared”, but in need of “more” military support, more weapons, because the “next fights will be much more violent”, he said.

Last week, Putin had already admitted an extension of the war, with several senior Ukrainian officials, at the time, stating that the Kremlin was preparing a major offensive for the beginning of 2023, not excluding, therefore, the possibility that the Russian army try to retake Kiev.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, in turn, reinforced the warning that “Russia is preparing for a long war” and expressed his conviction that Putin “will launch new offensives”.

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