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Xi’s language is not invented

Paulo Rego*

There is a serious problem with the demonization of China. The truth is that the United States regains the submission of Europe, sells weapons everywhere and the dollar soars. Biden heads into the inevitable recession much better than Trump had left him.

But we Europeans, Macanese and Chinese from Macau, who depend on economic recovery, on the reopening of borders, on respect for autonomy… we want other consequences. And it’s hard.

Let’s look at Xi Jinping’s speech:

The reunification of Taiwan is unavoidable, but through dialogue. We will only intervene if they declare independence. Translation in Anglo-Saxon Narrative: “He will invade Taiwan!”

Where did you read this?

Let’s go back to the speech: We are not militarists, we defend globalization, international trade, foreign investment…

Conclusion of the narrative: “China is going to close, they prefer to starve the crowd, just to have power.”

Seriously? Honestly, I don’t know who is more afraid: if the people of the CCP; or if the Party fails to feed the people.

Let’s go back to Xi’s message: Dynamic zero-case policy continues; but a new cycle of economic growth is needed; recovering domestic and foreign markets.

BBC headlines: “Covid zero; zero solutions”. Okay there!

Assuming they can read… conclusions are written before the speech. And when the rational is questioned, then comes the delusion:

“He says that, but he’s going to do the opposite.” Brillant…

Let’s understand each other: China is facing a deep economic crisis; and an unprecedented western blockade in recent decades.

The CCP will not stop being Marxist-Leninist; will tighten the ideological belt and repress the contestation. Sorry – truly. I don’t like this world; but it will happen.

Now… China is far from the bogeyman capable of colonizing the West. Selling this ghost is making idiots of us. The crux of the question is another: does the United States understand that the global recovery includes China?

Or do they prefer to corner Beijing in fear of losing the reins of globalization? That is, sending everything to the pond, including the western economy.

Translate that and accuse me of being pro-China.

They finally get it right. In this field, I am.

*Director General of PLATAFORMA

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