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Federal Police sees Bolsonaro’s crimes in linking HIV to Covid and wants testimony from the President

The Federal Police found that President Jair Bolsonaro committed crimes by making an association -without evidence and falsely- between Covid-19 vaccination and the alleged development of AIDS, requested the extension of the investigation that investigates the case to the Federal Supreme Court (STF) and wants to take the statement of the head of the Executive.

In a statement sent late on Wednesday afternoon to the STF, the PF delegate Lorena Lima Nascimento understood that Bolsonaro encouraged non-compliance with the health measure that required the use of masks, an offense of incitement to crime, and also caused alarm to others of a non-existent danger, which would be a misdemeanor – another offense of less offensive potential.

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The Federal Police is asking Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes, the investigating judge, to authorize the corporation to indict Bolsonaro and others involved in the case.

In a social media broadcast in October last year, the president said that reports from the UK government had shown that people fully vaccinated against Covid had developed AIDS.

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