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“Macau is too small a city to compete” – View PDF

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Macau’s size makes the city unable to compete with the modern finance industry of Hong Kong, Shenzhen or Guangzhou. For the same reason, Macau can serve as a “back office” for these markets, and can also “specialize in the financing of resorts and tourism”. In this way, a complementary market is developed that is able to thrive in a competitive and out-of-reach universe, says Jacky So, vice-chancellor and director of the Faculty of Management and Administration of the University of Science and Technology of Macau.

Headline: “Macau is too small a city to compete”

Other highlights in this edition:

Guilherme Rego – Writes this week on the issue of Macau’s ability to compete with the other cities in the Greater Bay Area, namely in the financial or tourist sector, noting that there is a certain fear or fear that the city will lose its uniqueness, especially due to the current uncertainties hovering around the gaming industry and what Beijing intends for its future.

Editorial: Macao regional

Paulo Rego – Writes this week about the fact that Macau has to ‘open doors’, despite Covid-19. He stresses that it will be slow, insecure and does not resolve the crisis. In short, Macau has a lot to ride.

Signs: It’s time to pedal

In mid-June, with the major epidemic outbreak in Macau, the Government moved from not recommending meals inside restaurants to banning them altogether. The restaurant industry was therefore the first to be hit, with many restaurants being forced to deliver and offering all kinds of discounts on their social media. Currently, we can see numerous couriers from these food delivery platforms on the streets. PLATFORMA interviewed owners of two restaurants, in Macau and Taipa, to find out how they transformed their businesses to survive

Highlight: The inverse of the coin

Covid-19, the war in Ukraine, interest rate hikes. Everything is scaring the world, especially countries that are heavily dependent on other economies. And one that is leaving the planet in anticipation is China. There are many who depend on….a lot of this Asian country. One of these is Brazil. PLATFORMA spoke with some experts who outlined the near future.

Highlight: China’s economic slowdown: A Brazilian problem for 2022 and….2023

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