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“Prozis doesn’t need Portugal,” says the “unstoppable” Miguel Milhão

Prozis founder explained for half an hour the controversial position on the end of abortion, reacted to critics and reported on celebrities who terminated the partnership because they consider that the founder’s opinion does not respect women’s rights. Miguel Milhão does not change a comma and reminds that Portugal is not that important for the brand.

Miguel Milhão appeared in an internal podcast of the Prozis company to clarify – and reiterate – his position on the end of abortion rights, a federal law that was reversed in the United States of America.

In Karalho’s Conversations he explained that his defense of abortion is “ethical” and “not religious,” he criticized those who boycott or call for a boycott, he addressed “this canzoada” that criticizes, and he commented on partnership terminations that celebrities have made public.

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A justification of more than half an hour on personal life and professional path and that ended with the announcement of the decision to delete the comment initially published on LinkedIn (which you can see below) and that generated all the controversy. He recalled that while the “people will be busy canceling” he will “go on a boat vacation to Greece as long as he feels like it”.

He said he was attacked, but Milhão – who claimed to have studied philosophy and to have defended abortion in Ethics – also stressed that he is “uncancellable”. “Impossible,” he stated. “We are not going to get manipulated by this mob. My ideals are my own, not Prozis’: it lives, produces goods and services, private company, has shareholders, workers, partners, various stakeholder tops,” he explained.

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Further on, Milhão kicked the company’s accounts to justify the relative importance of the Portuguese territory. “Prozis doesn’t need Portugal, it’s an international company, it will probably be the best known Portuguese brand outside the territory. It lives off foreign trade, 85 percent is exports. We sell to Portugal and other countries. But it never takes off here. We love the Portuguese, we respect them, we sell cheaper to Portuguese customers, we are here to build together,” he insists, stressing that no one can imagine that they will destroy the brand.

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