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Johnson Chao*

The Macau International Marathon will be held this weekend. Many runners are using various running tracks in Macau to practice. However, IAM made the public toilet renovation plan has caused inconvenience to runners.

Several public toilets in the running track of the Reservatório are currently undergoing renovation. Alongside the running track, several public toilets are closed at the same time, causing inconvenience to users who use the running track. Even if there are temporary toilets near the public toilets, the cleaning situation of these toilets discourages many people to use. Also, many runners would like to use the running trail outside Taipa Ocean Garden. The two public toilets on this running trail were renovated at the same time, which also made the runners feel inconvenient. Just days before the marathon, does the authority think about the people who need to use such kind of facilities? 

The IAM public toilet renovation plan can stabilize local SME under the pandemic and ensure the employment of local workers. I believe no one will against this plan for renovate public toilets. However, in actual operation, closing a large number of public toilets at the same time causes inconvenience to users, which is indeed a way of not thinking from the people.

The most important thing in refurbishing public toilets is to make convenience to users. Earlier, there have been some odors and privacy issues in the toilets after making the renovation of public toilets. And talking about the public funds, a member of Conselho Consultivo para os Assuntos Municipais has requested IAM to provide a list of public toilets and related costs, as well as the time and cost of the public toilets last renovation, so that the public can fully examine whether the plan is reasonable.

*Chinese channel editor of Plataforma

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