Início » ‘Special one’ is again ‘number one’. The secrets of Mourinho’s rebirth in England

‘Special one’ is again ‘number one’. The secrets of Mourinho’s rebirth in England

Carlos Nogueira

When the end of his career was announced, the Portuguese coach began to rebuild Tottenham and the fruits are already seen: leadership of the Premier League and praise for the Special One’s style of play.

Is old José Mourinho back? This is the question of the moment in England, after Tottenham took the lead in the Premier League following a 2-0 victory against Manchester City by Pep Guardiola, a coach who may well be called the coach’s eternal rival. Portuguese. Spurs’ first place was something that hadn’t happened since August 2014. After nine matches, they count six wins and just one loss, precisely in the first game, at home, with Everton. More than that, Tottenham now have a compact and competitive set, a little like the great teams assembled by what the English call the Special One.

That is why the question makes sense. The Portuguese coach seems to be living a second life in football, after a period in which he seemed to have gone into decline, which coincided with his return to Chelsea, where in 2014-15 he won the last championship title of his career. It’s been over five years… Manchester United followed, where they raised their last trophy, the Europa League in 2017. It’s been over three years, the longest period of their career without celebrating an achievement.

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