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Johnson Chao*

This week, the hot topic must be the US election. News about the United States often occupies the news page. The Sino-US trade war, Trump’s policy, the US pandemic… These kinds of news appears every day. Do Macau people have a broad international vision?

Of course, United States is the most important country in the world, every move of the United States affects the world. The news from American is important. However, there are other things in this world that deserve attention. Learning a foreign language helps to understand another culture of the world. However, is it easy to learn a foreign language in Macau?

The Continuing Education and Development Program (Programa de Desenvolvimento e Aperfeiçoamento Contínuo) of the Education and Youth Bureau has a variety of language courses to choose. Among these, the popular ones include Mandarin, English, and Portuguese, Japanese, and Korean language. The other options are only a few Spanish and French courses. Learning a second language other than English to strengthen own competitiveness is not a bad thing, and it can broaden international horizons.

Film and TV drama are often made people willing to learn foreign languages. Those who like K-pop may learn Korean; those who like J-pop may also choose to learn Japanese. The most recent Netflix series “Emily in Paris” has successfully brought the trend. Understanding one more language can understand a new world. Under this Covid-19 pandemic, it is not a bad choice to learn a new language and prepare for future opportunities.

  • editor of Macau Plataforma

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