Journalists persecuted around the world seek refuge in Brazil -

Journalists persecuted around the world seek refuge in Brazil

Attacks against the press and its professionals intensify, and not only in authoritarian countries

“Terrorists”, “enemies of the people”, “traitors to the motherland”, “inciting popular revolt”. From Syria to Hungary, from Venezuela to Somalia, journalists around the world are harassed and qualified by adjectives like these when they run counter to interests in doing their job. The attacks can come from the politicians themselves or from their supporters, through imprisonment, torture, aggression, virtual threats and even death.

It is a reality that Carlos, Claudine, Gabriela, Kamil and Victorios know well. They had to flee their countries of origin – Venezuela, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nicaragua, Turkey and Syria – due to the threats they suffered as reporters. They sought refuge in Brazil, where they had to remake their lives, most of them far from the profession.

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