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Make impossible possible

The Master plan supposed to lead the urban development for the next decades, was finally released early this month after long awaited . However, this plan is failed to impress the public in both technical and strategic aspects. For example, the decade-long industrial-clustered corridor  Avenida de Venceslau de Morais, was planned to turn into a business district in 20 years, sounds too good to be true. Many have questioned the how can it be implemented without the economic policy. Another flashpoint is that this plan has almost no data and scientific fact to  back up at all.  The scheme is not not built by logic, and even worse, once it is approved, not only it will be a legal document that the Urban Planning Committee would use as guidance, but also the backbone of  Regulatory plan in the result . 

Once it is approved, the result could be very catastrophic .

Among all the failure that the plan has presented, I specifically want to point out. that It is a plan with no vision, even thou 18 point of planning vision were listed at the first chapter, however, it is just politically rhetoric , a popaganda one.

If we examine the plan carefully, we can find that the philosophy behind the plan is similar to the tragic concept of Hong Kong Ripped rooms. The Plan doesn’t care, or at least does not tell us much how people live, the main task is just distribute population and fill up in the city. How people live in the future ? How our life will be 20 years later? The plan did not even try to answer or provide any solution.

What is vision, for planners is to use our city as a protocol , to make the not possible now possible in the future. Fox example, Nowadays many citizens value parking more than the park,  but is it possible in the future we would have a big forest in the middle of the city?  Or how about urban agriculture,  the bandwagon that embraced by many in Japan and Europe , when food crisis is seen as the biggest challenge that human will be facing in the coming decades,  aren’t  we urban planner ‘s responsibility to lead our city to walk even further.

Yes, A paddy field in the co-tai strip, sounds too good to be true.

But yet, everything is possible if you are brave to dream and take a step to study the possibility to set up legal frame and economic and land use policy to support. Now

It’s the imaginary, stupid !

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