Malian military plans to remain in power for three years and free Keita

Malian military plans to remain in power for three years and free Keita

The ruling military junta in Mali wants the implementation of a transitional body headed by a military man for three years, and has accepted that the deposed president, Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, return to his home, sources from the West African and African delegation said on Sunday. Joins.

“The board has stated that it wants to carry out a three-year transition to review the foundations of the State of Mali. This transition will be directed by an organ chaired by a military man, who at the same time will be the head of state, ”a source from the delegation of the West African Economic Community (Cedeao) present in Bamako told AFP.

A member of the board confirmed to AFP “the three years of transition with a military president and a government composed mainly of military personnel”.

According to the same source from Cedeao, the junta has promised to “release President Keita”, who has been detained since Tuesday’s coup, “who may return to his home” in Bamako. “And if you want to travel to receive medical care, there is no problem,” he added.

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