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Macau in contact with six vaccine testing companies

Macau is negotiating with six manufacturers that are already in the testing phase of the vaccine against COVID-19, Leong Iek Hou, coordinator of the Center for Disease Prevention and Surveillance, said this afternoon.

At the usual press conference, the doctor stressed that there are only six laboratories in the third phase of clinical trials of the vaccine for the new type of coronavirus, and that Macau has already contacted all of these pharmaceutical companies.

“There are three in China and three abroad. We have been contacting all laboratories that are working for the vaccine to find out the state of the test phases, what are the vaccines, the components, etc. We sent letters and held video conferences with them, ”said Leong Iek Hou.

The doctor reiterated that “there is still no proof of which vaccines are effective” and that the third phase of clinical trials must be referenced.

Only after there is a vaccine that has completed phase III and is confirmed as safe and effective, will the Government decide on the acquisition, he said.

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