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Activist warns of restrictions on press freedom in Macau

Hugo Pinto

Activist Jason Chao warned today that there is a danger that Macau will suffer limitations on press freedom.

The former president of the Novo Macau Association argued that Macau cannot be isolated from Chinese policies, nor from what happens in Hong Kong, referring to the searches of the Apple Daily newspaper and the arrest of the owner, Jimmy Lai, accused of collusion with external forces. under the new national security law.

Jason Chao believes that the authorities are likely to adopt the same attitude towards the Macau media: “It is very likely that the Macau authorities or the Chinese authorities will tighten control of the media. I am also a little concerned about the media in English and Portuguese, which may be being cooked over a low heat. At the moment, they have a relative freedom to report what they want, but sooner or later, I am concerned that they will take away their freedom. From what I realized, the Chinese government was not happy with the coverage of Hong Kong by the media in English and Portuguese ”.

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