Início » Hong Kong reopens airport for passenger traffic from mainland China

Hong Kong reopens airport for passenger traffic from mainland China

The measure aims, among other things, to offer Cathay Pacific a small boost. Travel restrictions due to Covid-19, eased until October 15 to help students return to studies abroad

The Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK) today presented a temporary plan to resume transit services from mainland China, as Chinese aviation authorities continue to severely limit international travel to restrict cases imported from Covid-19.

The move confirms earlier news from the South China Morning Post about short-term arrangements to help students on the continent looking to resume their studies abroad.

Hong Kong airport allows air traffic since June 1, but not to mainland China. Previously, all transit services had been suspended since March 25.

(Anthony Wallace / AFP)

AAHK reiterated its provisions on traffic rules that passengers must have booked flights on a single ticket, receive boarding passes for all trips at check-in and check their bags to their final destination.

Transit passengers could only stop at Hong Kong airport for 24 hours or less. Since the start of the pandemic, many passengers have been stranded at airports. There are cases of people who literally “lived” at airports for three months, which led to tougher rules and more severe penalties for airlines.

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