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Should South Africa enter Mozambique?

A rapid intervention unit by the South African armed forces is training a group of commandos to go to Cabo Delgado, Mozambique, to try to end the terrorist attacks that are plaguing the region.

The idea is not new: a group of Russian mercenaries has already tried the same, with embarrassing failure. Despite having military equipment, modern and sophisticated, and dominating the air space absolutely, the men of the “Wagner Group” ended up giving up the fight, after seven of its members were killed in ambushes carried out by Islamic guerrillas entrenched in the jungle .

These designated terrorists appear surprisingly well equipped, with tanks and heavy weapons, know the terrain well, and apparently have the collaboration and sympathy of a part of the population, despite reports, constant but poorly documented, of various massacres of defenseless civilians. , which even include reports of cannibalism.

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