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“Economic interests” fuel violence in Cabo Delgado

The former CPLP executive secretary, Murade Murargy, considers that the attacks in Cabo Delgado, in northern Mozambique, have, behind the religious issue, economic interests, for which the beginning of gas exploration “constitutes a danger”.

“How does this situation (from the attacks in Cabo Delgado) arise at a time when great energy reserves are discovered in that region. That is the question. What interests are at stake? ”Asked the ambassador, who was also head of the Civil House of the Mozambican President, Joaquim Chissano and executive secretary of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP). Murargy pointed out, in an interview with Lusa, that there are only two entrances through which forces can penetrate the Cabo Delgado region, the sea and the border with Tanzania.

“This started out with a religious component and then became an economic component. The first rehearsals of the invasion were made through the so-called madrasas (Islamic schools), which wanted to run with the Frelimo administration and introduce Islam, the Koran. It started with a movement of this nature, ”said the diplomat.

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