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Woman without a man

Fernanda Mira*

June 23 marked the International Widows’ Day. Theme that makes you want to enter that play wheel among friends. But only those who live in the comfort of a European and Western society, can find reason to comment, in a sarcastic tone, this condition of being a “woman without a man”. Excuse the most feminist minds, but in the world outside this western dome, being a “woman without a man” does not mean freedom, emancipation. It means a poorer, more unequal life.

With regard to the date, the UN – an entity so criticized, but without it the worldview would be even more fragile – points out that there are 258 million “women without men” and that of these, 10% live in conditions of extreme poverty. The majority have no chance of obtaining pensions or pensions, which increases the conditions of poverty and misery. And with the closure of savings due to the new coronavirus, many widows were left without health insurance coverage, bank accounts and at risk of not being able to support their children and families.

These 258 million women live in societies where they have no “man”, meaning they simply do not exist, have no legal or juridical rights

It’s because?! Because these 258 million women live in societies where there is no “man”, meaning it simply does not exist, does not have any type of legal or juridical right. And in these societies, when you talk about women you also talk about children, who like them are unprotected. According to the United Nations, countries should invest in policies and programs that end violence against these women as well as their children, that alleviate poverty, promote education and support for widows at all ages.

Legislation is not enough. This is, moreover, the quickest permission to discard responsibilities. Urge, educate, educate and educate. Ensuring that women without men overcome these barriers of exclusion and discriminatory practices.

“Woman without a man” is not an achievement. For 258 million people, being a “woman without a man” is close to a death sentence

*Publisher of the Portuguese edition of Plataforma

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