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British police devalued German suspect in 2012

In 2012, the British police received elements of the Judiciary Police file on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in which there were hundreds of people, including the German now announced as a suspect, to whom he did not attach importance.

“At least since 2012, when Operation Orange started, the English police received from the Judiciary Police all the elements that were in our process regarding the case of the child’s disappearance. If Christian Bruckner was there, as hundreds of people were there and if the suspicions about that person were so evident, he would have been the target of diligences requested by the English, and which have always been authorized in Portugal, but never requested, “said the director today. – Deputy of the Judiciary Police to the Lusa agency.

Faced with criticisms of the PJ’s performance published by some British media, Carlos Farinha refutes them and affirms perpetually that “the lack of relevance that is attributed to the PJ in relation to Bruckner is the same that can be attributed to Scotland Yard or the Metropolitan Police, at least since 2012, because the data about the citizen was also known to them ”.

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