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Macao Japan Spring Festival begins with Takane No Nadeshiko’s spectacular performance at CONTEMPO Vol.1

The eagerly awaited 2024 Macao Japan Spring Festival commenced with a spectacular performance by rising Japanese idol group, Takane No Nadeshiko, at the prestigious Londoner Theatre. The event, titled CONTEMPO Vol.1, marked the beginning of a series of exciting activities that celebrate Macao's unique culture and Japan's vibrant entertainment industry.

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Takane No Nadeshiko on their tour of Macao at Casas da Taipa 2024(Sands China)

During their visit to Macao, the girl group took a moment to explore the city’s unique blend of Macanese and Portuguese culture. A special stop was made at Casas da Taipa, one of Macao’s top eight must-see sites. The restored colonial residences showcased a captivating fusion of architectural influences and recreational scenes, offering a glimpse into the vibrant heritage of this culturally diverse destination.

The group continued their exploration of Macao at the Old Iec Long Firecracker Factory site, which signified Macao’s economic development since the 1920s, with firecrackers as a vital export commodity.

Guests at the opening of the CONTEMPO x gallery UG exhibition 2024(Sands China)

Simultaneously, the two-month-long exhibition, CONTEMPO X gallery UG opened at the Sands Gallery, showcasing thoughtfully curated Japanese contemporary art pieces.

The exhibition presented works of six esteemed contemporary artists across various art forms and mediums, mesmerizing seasoned art investors and art collectors. Exclusive private tours of the gallery were offered to a group of selected guests and VIPs, followed by an opening cocktail party where guests and artists gathered to exchange ideas and celebrate.

As the evening approached, VIP guests had the opportunity to meet-and-greet Takane No Nadeshiko. The idols were warmly welcomed by passionate fans, creating an atmosphere charged with excitement and anticipation.

Guests of honor cutting the ribbon at CONTEMPO’s opening ceremony 2024(Sands China)

The grand opening of CONTEMPO Vol.1 featured a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by distinguished guests, including Mr. Takashi Suzuki, Representative of Kyoto Prefecture of Japan; Ms. Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, Director of Macao Government Tourism Office; Mr. Sam Lei,  Acting President of Macau Trade and Investment Promotion Institute; Mr. Nishiumi Shigehiro, Chief Consul-General of the Japanese Consulate General in Hong Kong; Dr. Wilfred Wong, Executive Vice Chairman of Sands China Ltd.; Ms. Yan Wei Dong, Managing Director of China International Travel Service (Macau) Limited; Mr. Charles Choy, Co-Chairman of Macau Beer Company Limited; Mr. Zhang Yun, Vice President of Air Macau; Mr. Kenji Yashima, CEO of TWIN PLANET Ltd.; Mr. Eiichiro Sasaki, Owner of the gallery UG; and Mr. Yoshikawa Hiroya, Owner of Yoshikawa Sensyo Limited; and Mr. Ronald Ngan, Representative of Silk Entertainment. These esteemed individuals delivered speeches and blessings, marking the beginning of CONTEMPO: Macao Japan Spring Festival.

During their speeches, Mr Takashi Suzuki, Vice Governor of Kyoto Prefecture, emphasized the event’s significance in promoting a deeper understanding of Japanese culture, including Kyoto’s traditional crafts, gourmet food, and entertainment. “We would like to use this event as an opportunity to promote further understanding of the appeal of Japanese culture’’ he said

Ms. Helena de Senna Fernandes, Director of MGTO giving a speech 2024(Sands China)

Ms. Helena de Senna Fernandes, Director of MGTO highlighted the festival’s role in promoting tourism exchanges between Japan and Macao, enhancing understanding of the tourism resources of both markets, and diversifying the demographics of visitors.

Mr. Nishiumi Shigehiro, Chief Consul of the Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kong, expressed his delight at the planned two-month-long event, which introduces various aspects of Japanese culture to Macao and beyond, including contemporary art and pop music schedules, expected to attract visitors from Macao, Hong Kong, and the mainland.

Dr. Wilfred Wong, Executive Vice Chairman of Sands China Ltd., also expressed pleasure in presenting a wide range of exciting programs that complement Macao’s development as the ‘’Creative City of Gastronomy’’ and the ‘’City of Performing Arts’’. He emphasized the importance of these cultural initiatives in attracting international tourists to experience Macao’s unique charms.

Mr. Yoshikawa Hiroya, owner of Yoshikawa Sensyo Limited, a renowned Kyoto Kimono brand,  said, “I am delighted to introduce the beauty of kimono to the world from Macau, which now attracts attention from all around the globe.”

Takane No Nadeshiko performing on stage at the opening ceremony 2024(Sands China)

Takane No Nadeshiko took the stage on their overseas debut, captivating the audience with their spirited performances. From their lead single, “Kawaikute Gomen,” to their other chart-topping hits, the idols exuded an irresistible energy that electrified the crowd.

CONTEMPO Vol. 1 is just the beginning of the Macao Japan Spring Festival, which will continue to offer a diverse range of events and festivities throughout its duration. Visitors can look forward to art exhibitions, traditional craft demonstrations, culinary experiences, music performances, and many more, all aimed at fostering cultural exchanges and deepening the bond between Macao and Japan.

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