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“Be my guest. Feel at home”. Macau courtesy campaign launched

On the 1st of july, the Directorate of Tourism Services (MGTO) launched the “Macao Courtesy Campaign”, to encourage residents and tour operators to treat visitors with courtesy and promote an image of Macao as a good host city, consolidating its status as a world center for tourism and leisure.

The Director of MGTO, Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, said on the occasion that the “Macao Courtesy Campaign” will be promoted, in a phased manner, to all Macao residents, tour operators and students, through different forms, such as dissemination, education, among others, so that the entire population can participate. With the slogan, “Be our guest‧Feel at home” and the joint efforts of all, the director said she believes that Macau will be a tourism and leisure destination with good manners for visitors, consolidating Macau’s status as a world center of tourism and leisure.

MGTO will launch a series of promotional and educational activities to enhance Macao residents’ awareness of welcoming visitors with courtesy and understanding the importance of their interactions in the creation of a tourist city. The “Macao Courtesy Campaign” will be widely publicized through various media and channels, such as videos, posters, radio, television and social media platforms, as well as through community organizations, institutions and associations related to the tourism industry, broadcasting courtesy messages to the community and the tourism industry. MGTO will also add a presentation of courtesy to visitors, in the activities related to the “Quality Tourism Services Assessment Program” and training actions for tour operators, with the aim of raising awareness of tourism and related sectors in the reception of visitors.

Phased promotion of the campaign invites the participation of the entire population

The “Macao Courtesy Campaign” will be carried out, in a phased manner, starting in July, and will continue throughout the year:

In July, the activity “Discover Macau – Be our guest‧ Feel at home” will be launched, inviting all Macau residents to participate;

In August, “Industry Specialties – Discover Quality Services” will be launched, to which tour operators and other related sectors will be invited to participate;

In September, the activity “Opening ceremony of the academic year – Learn to be ambassadors” will be launched, inviting young people and students to participate.

MGTO will take advantage of the campaign activities to extend an invitation to all sectors of Macao society to join the concept of prioritizing the customer, so that visitors feel at home.

Previously, MGTO has launched awareness campaigns to raise Macao residents’ knowledge of the tourism industry, and make residents and tour operators aware of the importance of tourism to Macao. The “Macao Courtesy Campaign” which will start soon aims to further enhance the quality of Macao’s tourism services, promote a spirit among the general population to treat visitors with courtesy, contributing to the sustainable development of the tourism sector and city as a world center for tourism and leisure.

The launching ceremony of the “Macao Courtesy Campaign” was attended by a total of around 230 participants.

The Secretary for Economy and Finance, Lei Wai Nong; the president of the Macao Union of Associations of Food and Beverage Owners and Member of the Legislative Assembly, Chan Chak Mo; the deputy of the Legislative Assembly, Angela Leong; the President of the Macao Tourism Agencies Association and Member of the Legislative Assembly, Cheung Kin Chung; the Vice-President of the Federation of Workers’ Associations of Macau and Member of the Legislative Assembly, Lei Cheng I; the Director of MGTO, Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes; the President of the Macau Trade and Investment Promotion Institute, Vincent U; the President of the Macau Tourism Training Institute, Fanny Vong; the Director of Labor Affairs Services, Wong Chi Hong; the Administrator of the Board of Directors of the Institute for Municipal Affairs, Mak Kim Meng; the Vice President of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Cheang Kai Meng; the Supervisor for Air Transport of the Department of Air Transport and International Relations of the Civil Aviation Authority, Chan Wai Kuok; MGTO Deputy Directors Cheng Wai Tong and Ricky Hoi.

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