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Chili red: the fashion week hue that is here to stay

It is the most promised color for autumn, according to the New York and London catwalks. But you don’t have to wait that long to get ahead of the trend. See what exists in red chili, some of the proposals still on sale, and get ahead

Red is synonymous with love and passion, but also with sensuality, boldness and irreverence. And the color comes without modesty, it arrives in a garish, chili version, according to the echoes of the New York and London fashion weeks for the next autumn/winter.

Seen in the most diverse pieces of clothing, this color brings life to any outfit, regardless of whether it is formal style clothing such as, for example, a dress or blazer, or relaxed such as a jumpsuit or a bodysuit. In this way, you can choose to wear more discreet pieces in the workplace or risk more daring options for a night out.

Being a strong tone makes it a challenge to combine with other pieces. However, if you try to combine it with black, gray or white, you have nothing to fear. If you prefer to take a risk on a monochromatic look, you can too.

See below the selection of 19 clothes in chili red made by Delas.pt that you can use and abuse to rock anywhere, some still in the latest promotions. And you will be at the forefront!

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