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Zelensky considers Embaló the first African leader to hear the truth

“He is the first leader of an African country who has visited Ukraine since February 24 and has the opportunity to hear the truth about the situation in our country and that it is having an influence on all other countries in the world,” said the Ukrainian president. , who was speaking after a meeting with Umaro Sissoco Embaló, who traveled to Russia and Ukraine, as acting president of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), with a “message of peace”.

The Ukrainian President highlighted that the “criminal war unleashed by Russia” has worsened social and political conditions in many countries.

“Millions of people in Asia, Africa and Europe are in a more difficult situation due to Russian aggression”, he said, calling for the union of all “conscious leaders” in the world to face the threat to “common security”, which he said had arisen. due to the Russian invasion.

Zelensky also thanked Guinea-Bissau for voting at the United Nations General Assembly on the resolution that condemns the attempted annexation of Ukraine and assured that his country can guarantee food security.

“I assured the President that Ukraine can continue to guarantee food and, therefore, social and political security to partner countries,” said Zelensky, stressing the need to do everything to prevent Russia from interrupting the export of food by his country. to avoid a rise in prices, which will impact the lives of millions of people.

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