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Even priests and nuns have an “addiction” to pornography

Meeting on Monday with priests and seminarians in Rome and asked how priests can use social media as a tool to “share the joy of being a Christian”, Pope Francis warned against excessive consumption of news, listening to music while working and also spoke of the risks of pornography.

“It is an addiction that so many people have, so many ordinary men and women and even priests and nuns,” he said, clarifying that he was not referring only to “criminal pornography, involving the abuse of children, where cases of abuse are seen live. ”. “This is already degenerate. I’m talking about normal pornography. My dear brothers and sisters, be careful,” he appealed, in a transcript published Wednesday by the Vatican.

For the maximum pontiff of the Catholic Church, the cell phone, the Internet and social networks should be used to “advance in life” and “communicate”, since they are “advances in science”, but he stresses that attention must be paid to “the dangers”, arguing that a “pure heart cannot receive this pornographic information”.

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