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‘Zero cases’ strategy is economically more ‘rational’

The ‘zero cases’ strategy of covid-19 remains economically “more rational” for China than coexisting with the coronavirus, the health authorities of the Asian country assured yesterday, quoted by the state press. Chinese policy is the “most scientific way to stop Covid-19, as the pandemic continues to spread around the world, creating new risks”, defended the deputy director of the National Center for Disease Prevention and Control, Chang. Jile

The Chinese approach is to “rapidly detect new outbreaks and contain the spread at the lowest possible cost,” Chang described. This includes isolating all positive cases and direct contacts at designated facilities, locking down entire districts and cities, and carrying out mass testing.

China has also kept borders practically closed since March 2020, with connections to areas reduced to less than 2%, compared to 2019. Anyone traveling to the country must comply with at least seven days of quarantine in a hotel designated by the authorities.

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