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Without progress on Ukrainian soil, Russia drops energy bomb

Hours after having shown signs that it intends to return to the negotiating table, Moscow kept the gas tap closed to the west, which led to the price soaring by around 20%, in addition to the euro having fallen to the minimum value in 20 years against the dollar, and the European stock exchanges reacted negatively. With no gains on the ground – on the contrary, the Ukrainian offensive in the south is causing casualties and the destruction of bases at an unprecedented level -, Russia is betting on the weapon of energy to pressure the countries of the European Union.

This one has already hit the streets. On Sunday, there was a demonstration in Prague against the Czech government and calling for neutrality. On Monday, it was Leipzig’s turn, in Germany, to be the scene of discontent, in a country that, given its dependence on Russian fuels, decided to leave two nuclear plants ready.

Less than a month after saying that there was no basis for a negotiation between the leaders of the countries in conflict, the Kremlin spokesman again signaled Moscow’s interest in returning to the table. Dmitri Peskov answered a question from a Russian TV show about Volodymyr Zelensky’s unwillingness to negotiate with Vladimir Putin. “Of course, about how our conditions will be fulfilled” to achieve peace, although he reaffirmed that “the operation is proceeding as planned”.

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