Início » Bridge inaugurated by Putin is target announced by Ukraine

Bridge inaugurated by Putin is target announced by Ukraine

Volodymyr Zelensky receives António Guterres and Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Lviv hours after he warned his countrymen to stay away from Russian military bases and magazines, a message of encouragement to his countrymen in the wake of the explosions that took place in Crimea at the occupier’s targets, while his adviser gives indications that the bridge connecting Crimea to Russia is on the hit list. In the talks between the Ukrainian president, the secretary general of the United Nations and the Turkish president, topics such as the agreement on the unblocking of the Black Sea, the Zaporijia nuclear power plant or the “political solution” of the conflict will be part of the agenda.

Hours after two military installations in Crimea were hit, the Ukrainian president thanked those “who oppose the occupiers”, urging Ukrainians to move away from bases and warehouses, adding that the explosions could have several causes. “But they all mean the same thing: the destruction of the occupiers’ logistics, their ammunition, military and other equipment, and command posts saves the lives of our people,” he said.

The Russian Defense Ministry attributed the responsibility for the explosions at the magazine in the Dzhankoi region to “sabotage”. Kiev has not officially confirmed, but anonymous sources have confirmed the attack. In addition to Zelensky’s encouraging message in the form of a warning, his adviser Mykhailo Podolyak called for the bridge connecting Crimea to Russia’s Krasnodar region across the Kerch Strait to be “dismantled”. “No matter how, voluntarily or not,” he wrote on Twitter.

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