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The new transport policy arrives without solving the old “main problems”, comments an urban planner. The population complains about the buses, seeing new routes only in new areas of the city. An academic calls for public administration reform to avoid evading responsibility when projects go wrong

Headline: “Government increasingly avoids taking responsibility”

Other highlights in this edition:

Guilherme Rego – This week he writes about the discriminatory behavior of the Macau government towards non-resident workers, namely in the last two and a half and in a pandemic situation. Extremely worrying situation, especially in a city that needs and seeks more of these workers.

Editorial: Double need

Paulo Rego – This week he writes about the economic future of Macau. About the presumed end of the game, the reconversion of game structures into business and leisure tourism, but especially about the city’s inability to act and prepare the city’s economic future.

Signs: Nothing will be like before

Lusophone investment in Macau is still short. Economist Samuel Tong expects growth, but only if there is integration with the Greater Bay. “A small market does not attract foreign investment”

Highlight: Inter-Regional Cooperation is the “key” to attract investment

On July 17, 1996, exactly 26 years ago, the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP) was born. The future of the organization looks bright, according to the member states, and in the short term it is looking more at economic issues, with the sea as a ‘background’. In 2022, and after many steps taken within the community, the CPLP believes that the idea created in 1996 was the most correct.

Highlight: 26 years of CPLP: the economy and the sea in the future of the community

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