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Europe melts and burns under intense heat

Climate issues have long ceased to be, at least for those who do not insist on walking on all fours, legend, catastrophism or mere environmental ideology. It is one thing for environmentalist ‘Shia’, extremists who use and abuse the cause to attack people and companies and impose their agendas. Another, quite different, are researchers, technology institutes, renowned universities, in short, serious and capable people looking into one of the most important themes of our generation: global warming.

Against numbers and facts, which prove and prove the climate changes resulting from the warming of the planet, there are no arguments; just mystifications and crude reductionism. With each decade, the world gets warmer and the weather behaves in increasingly unusual and unforeseen patterns, that is, no… pattern! Extreme winters and summers, unprecedented temperature fluctuations and other climatic ‘anomalies’ have brought record floods, hurricanes and fires, killing thousands of people and causing billions in losses.

The international scientific community insists that we are approaching the so-called ‘point of no return’, an invisible barrier that will determine the future of the planet and the next generations. Once this barrier is overcome, severe climate change will no longer be reversible and will become increasingly extreme, which will determine, for millennia, for example, agriculture and livestock, in other words, food. Or the places where millions of people will no longer be able to live, like some coastal cities.

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