Home News 300,000 doses of cocaine seized at Lisbon airport

300,000 doses of cocaine seized at Lisbon airport

Portugal’s Judicial Police (PJ) has made a seizure at Lisbon’s Humberto Delgado Airport of enough cocaine for 300,000 individual doses, in an unaccompanied suitcase coming from South America, the force announced on Friday

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According to the PJ, the drug was seized at the end of November “as part of the activity regularly carried out by the Judicial Police in conjunction with other entities, including the Tax and Customs Authority, with a view to preventing the introduction of narcotics into the national territory by air.”

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The cocaine, it said, “arrived in Lisbon from a South American country in an unaccompanied suitcase and, if it entered the illicit distribution circuits, would be sufficient for the composition of at least 300,000 individual doses.”

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