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Economy and employment dominate contacts between Macau Executive and population

The economic and employment situation dominated the contacts that the Macau Chief Executive maintained with workers, shopkeepers and residents, during the Lunar New Year holidays, in different areas of the territory.

During the festive period of the Lunar New Year, which this year took place between the 12th and the 16th, Ho Iat Seng spoke with local business leaders to find out how their businesses are doing, while listening to residents’ opinions about job search. , according to a statement from the Social Communication Office.

Accompanied by several members of the executive, Ho was also with frontline workers and learned about the response measures to combat the covid-19 pandemic.

The Chief Executive also visited several institutions to support the most disadvantaged population, in addition to the construction sites for the island hospital, the fourth Macau-Taipa bridge and housing for the elderly in the new urban area A, places where he learned about the status of these projects.

During the visit to the supply market, in the area of ​​Macau where the Zhuhai-Macau Transfrontier Industrial Park is installed, Ho Iat Seng was with workers who carry out the health inspection and learned about the daily situation in the laboratory, especially in the chain of imported frozen products, as well as “the equipment and procedures for screening the nucleic acid of the new coronavirus”, he said.

Macau was one of the first territories to be hit by the economic crisis due to the pandemic because it depended, almost exclusively, on the tourist market and the Chinese game, which led the Government to estimate a contraction in 2020 of 60.9%.

The territory registered its first case on 22 January and thereafter adopted several health measures to control the spread of the virus, such as closing the casinos for 15 days, a plan to distribute masks (ten masks for about one euro) and strong border control.

Sanitary measures proved to be effective. Considered one of the safest regions in the world in relation to the covid-19, Macau has registered only 48 cases since the end of January 2020, with no deaths caused by the disease to date.

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