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Belgian government exempts Santa Claus from quarantine decreed

The federal health minister wrote a letter to St. Nicholas, who in Belgium and several other countries take on the role of “Santa Claus.” And, the Federal Minister of the Interior has teamed up to give strength to the initiative.

In the age of information and fake news, the idea of the country’s highest executive authority may, at first glance, be a frown in the country that has once again led the death toll worldwide, in proportion to the number of inhabitants. But the initiative apparently has a pedagogical intention, in the festive season that will be seen.

In the letter, ministers reveal that two laws will be entered within days in the “Moniteur Belge”, which is the official newspaper of the Kingdom of Belgium, allowing “Saint-Nicolas” the violation of the “curfew” and quarantine for those who “arrive from risk zones”.

A story that fuels the country’s childhood variates from country to country, and even has slight differences in some regions. But roughly, legend has it that in the early hours of December 6, St. Nicholas visits the home of each child, to leave clementines, Speculoos – the cinnamon, ginger and clove cookies – and the Christmas presents.

Legend has it that “Saint-Nicolas” comes from Spain, which, according to the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, is a country classified in red on the infection risk map.

“We have heard that this damn virus has also created many problems in Spain”, begins by saying the Minister of Health, to then point it with “great pleasure”, to be aware that “despite its advanced age”, St. Nicholas “managed to escape the virus and still enjoys good health”.

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