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Memories in Portuguese of the meetings with Trump

Denley Manuel Alves, grandson of Portuguese, met with Donald Trump at events in New York.

Portuguese-descendant businessman Denley Manuel Alves has been with Donald Trump six times and never forgot his first impressions. At the time, in the late 1980s, they were two successful businessmen.

Denley Manuel Alves, grandson of Portuguese people, met with Donald Trump at events in New York. It was even on the yacht that the current US president would sell to a Saudi Arabian prince. Denley Alves remembers the “golden taps” and above all the first conversation with Trump in which he got goosebumps. “He was a very false person, who does not respect, an incredible haughtiness to talk to people”. The negative image has remained over the years and has only worsened with the arrival of Trump to the presidency. “For the first time we have a con man in the White House,” says the Portuguese-speaking businessman, and “I don’t know if he’s of age, but he seems out of control”.

Denley Alves, who is at the head of a construction company, predicts a disaster in the American economy, with signs already evident. In Newark, where he lives, “there are already lines of people who are going to look for food baskets, especially illegal immigrants”.

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