Início » The enigma of the lamp that has been working since 1901

The enigma of the lamp that has been working since 1901

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It is such a famous lamp that it has its own website, a Facebook profile and even an exclusive camera that shoots it day and night. It is the Centennial Bulb (Centennial Bulb), which, according to the Guinness Book of Records, is the focus of electric light that has been on for the longest time in history.

The lamp is located at a fire station in the city of Livermore, California (USA). Even in the last century, in 1901, firefighters wanted to keep their quarters lit up day and night so they could respond promptly when needed. They then decided to install a lamp.

It was donated by a local businessman and handcrafted by a pioneer in the industry. Decades passed and, except for brief power cuts and two changes, the lamp continued to illuminate the room.

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