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Long-term covid: why don’t some people recover?

So far, the focus has been on saving the lives of those who are infected and become seriously ill after being infected with the new coronavirus. But there is growing concern about some people who continue to suffer the consequences of the disease even months after being infected.

For most people, covid-19 is a disease with mild and short-lived symptoms, but there are also those who seem unable to get rid of the new coronavirus. This so-called “long-term covid” leaves patients exhausted even with something as simple as a short walk, causing debilitating effects on their lives.

With health systems focused on saving the lives of the most serious cases of covid, it is not surprising that it is only now beginning to try to understand why some of the infected people still suffer the consequences of the disease even several months later. And the truth, as the BBC concluded in an extensive article on the subject, is that it is more the questions than the answers.

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