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Angola’s Gross International Reserves hold 10 months

Angola’s Gross International Reserves closed the first half of September at US $ 14.3 billion and represent an internal capacity of 10.7 months of imports.

According to the National Bank of Angola, Net International Reserves, in the same period, are US $ 9.2 billion.

The table of daily evolution of International Reserves made available by the BNA on its website shows a cycle of stability, even under a scenario of successive reductions. Supported, fundamentally, by oil transactions in international markets, Gross Reserves left from January to August, from a total of 16.8 billion dollars to 14.6 billion. The data compiled by Jornal de Angola show a reduction of 2.2 billion, adjustable in the economic perspective under the assumptions that in the period in question the country is registering less and less revenue from oil negotiations, the main export product.

Read more in portuguese at Jornal de Angola.

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