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The right-to-life fanatics are the real “killers”

Rute Coelho*

In Brazil, a 10-year-old girl, raped by her uncle repeatedly, had to change States in order to see her pregnancy interrupted and covered by the law. In the state of Espírito Santo, where she lives, no hospital wanted to perform the procedure.

It was already enough for her the unimaginable pain of carrying a fetus as a result of rape. But she also had to go through the embarrassment of seeing her identity revealed by Sara Winter, the former feminist of the Femen group now converted into leader of the armed wing of the extreme right in Brazil.

After the revelation of her identity, an authentic army of Bible fanatics in one hand and sword in the other, pass the metaphor, planted themselves at the hospital door in Recife, where the girl went, to prevent the procedure by force. The police had to rush to the unitary block to protect the child, doctors and staff.


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