Início » Donald Trump wanted to be immortalized on Mount Rushmore

Donald Trump wanted to be immortalized on Mount Rushmore

The White House questioned the South Dakota state government in 2019 about the possibility of adding Donald Trump’s face to Mount Rushmore, a U.S. national monument, featuring the profiles of Presidents George Washington, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt.

The issue has now been revealed by The New York Times, which cites a Republican Party politician “familiar” with the conversation between the White House advisers and the governor. The idea was so marked in Kristi Noem’s mind that the governor offered a replica of Mount Rushmore with her face to Donald Trump when he visited the monument last month, to make his speech on July 4th, Independence Day. from the USA.

But the question of whether to add a new face to that pantheon of illustrious former US presidents is not a new one. From time to time, a group appears that tries to force a new sculpture and the answer is always the same: “it is not possible” due to the instability of the terrain. The guarantee is given by the National Park Service, the federal entity responsible for the monument, since Trump knocked on the wrong door, because the governor of the state of South Dakota has no power over that place.

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