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Could Pompeo’s speech lead to a new Cold War?

Last July 23, in a speech in front of the Nixon Museum in California, the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo demonstrated his complete rejection of China, declaring that the diplomacy between the two countries initiated by Nixon almost 50 years ago failed.

Alleging the existence of a war between the free world and tyranny today, he encouraged all nations to come together and force China to “change”. Pence tried to do the same in 2018, with Pompeo’s recent speech therefore nicknamed “Iron Curtain version 2.0” and the start of a new Cold War, this time between China and the USA. Pompeo’s speech, laden with prejudice, lies and injuries, was nothing more than reiterating what has been said many times in the past. It seems that the “Iron Curtain 2.0” speech is destined to fail without causing such a new Cold War.

*Senior Editor at Plataforma

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