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It’s not the big mouth that eats, it’s the will

João Melo*

Nobody doubts the richness and variety of Portuguese gastronomy today, but have you ever thought about what it would be like in the Middle Ages? Well, the poor were content with the Christian bread and wine, the rich had a pagan abundance, perhaps boring due to the spices being reduced to native fats and herbs.

Discoveries arrive, spices from the east are introduced and pim, we are trapped in the exotic network. Other empires subjugated peoples to take away land or raw materials, we bravely crossed in order to gain control over the taste drug business.

We became addicted to salt grenades, sugar bombs, kicks in the cinnamon, pepper explosions, curry missiles, mustard gases, chocolate candies, caffeine mortars, in short, a trip of colors and flavors to the beat of Bollywood.

*Musician and ambassador at Plataforma

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