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Test if you are addicted to being busy

The aversion to leisure has made women full of energy run out early. Take the test and find out if you are addicted to being busy!

It is not surprising that many women are addicted to being busy. This is because we associate inactivity with unexcitement. The pandemic is a fertile field for this sensation to spread. So, to relieve the mind of daily problems, we fill our lives with commitments. Not to mention, of course, that true rest lies precisely in leisure.

English psychologist Sandi Mann addresses the issue in the book The Upside Of Downtime [The Good Side of the Rest, without a Portuguese version]. For her, having nothing to do is a hobby that we avoid at all costs. “By adopting inactivity, we have the impression that we are wasting the most precious commodity: time.”

We are conditioned to be physically and mentally active. Therefore, opting for a “passive” activity, such as watching TV or looking out the window, is seen as something that has no value. So we ended up judging ourselves, believing that we could be dedicating our time to a better use of it.

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