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Merkel asks the population to follow “basic rules” in the deflation

German Chancellor Angela Merkel called on the population this Monday to comply with the “basic rules” to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, on the day that the country enters a “new phase” of deflation.

The warning comes at a time when, a week after the first easing of restrictions, with the reopening of primary and secondary schools and commercial establishments up to 800 square meters, the so-called R factor, which measures the rate of contagion, registered a slight increase.

“I want to insist, once again, that we have entered a new phase of the pandemic and that it will be necessary, with all the measures of deflation, for us to be sure that everyone follows the basic rules, that is, to keep the distance, use mask, cover your mouth and nose, be considerate of others, “said Merkel.

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