Início » Macao Pavilion: Showcased Southeast Asia’s Dream Destination at ASTINDO Travel Indonesia

Macao Pavilion: Showcased Southeast Asia’s Dream Destination at ASTINDO Travel Indonesia

The Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) announced the presentation of the Macao Pavilion at the ASTINDO Travel Fair held in Jakarta, Indonesia, from 29 February to 3 March. This initiative aimed to captivate the Southeast Asian market, with a particular focus on Indonesian travelers.

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ASTINDO Travel Fair, organized by the Indonesian Travel Agents Association (ASTINDO), is one of Indonesia’s largest consumer travel fairs, attracting an estimated 18,000 visitors. As a participant, MGTO showcased the Macao Pavilion, highlighting the unique allure of Macao to Southeast Asian travelers.

The Macao Pavilion, curated by MGTO, showcased Macao’s rich cultural heritage, world-class events, delectable gastronomy, and an array of leisure travel experiences. Through visually stunning displays and interactive elements, the Pavilion aimed to immerse visitors in the irresistible charm of Macao, enticing them to explore the city’s diverse “tourism +” offerings.

In collaboration with local travel agencies, exclusive offers on Macao and multi-destination tour products were developed, providing Indonesian travelers with enticing opportunities for unforgettable journeys. The Macao Pavilion also fostered networking and partnership opportunities between Macao industry delegates and exhibitors from Indonesia’s travel trade, promoting stronger connections and collaborations.

During the fair, MGTO hosted interactive destination presentations, unveiling the extraordinary beauty of Macao and providing attendees with valuable travel tips. Engaging question games and exciting lucky draws were part of the sessions, offering visitors the chance to win remarkable prizes and experience the vibrant and diverse world of “tourism +” in Macao firsthand.

Looking ahead, mega roadshows are planned in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia in 2024, further diversifying visitor markets and contributing to a more robust tourism economy.

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