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Macau woman and child murdered in Zhuhai

A homicide case involving the deaths of four people occurred on Saturday at a residence in Zhuhai. The Secretary for Security revealed today that two of the victims were Macau residents, including a 9-year-old child.


The homicide was discovered on Saturday after three people were found dead in the lobby of a building in Zhuhai.

During a press conference organized today to release crime statistics for the first three quarters of this year, Macau’s Secretary for Security, Wong Sio Chak, revealed that the Chinese city’s police notified local authorities that two of the victims were residents from Macau, a woman and her 9-year-old son.

The other two deceased were men, two residents of inland China. According to Wong, the initial investigation revealed that the crime was related to a family dispute.

The incident – described by Wong as a “tragedy” – occurred at noon on December 2, with police believing that the murdered woman’s ex-boyfriend killed the woman, her son and the woman’s current boyfriend, having later committed suicide.

Zhuhai authorities continue to investigate the case. According to authorities, the murdered woman has no family in Macau, and her daughter, who studies on the Mainland, has already been notified.

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