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Star women ready to make a mark in the Middle East

Débora Lourenço, Vitoria Telles and Jordan Ozuna are on their way to Saudi Arabia, where female freedom of expression is still limited. Georgina Rodriguez, who was one of the first to arrive, already makes the difference.

The world of football is witnessing a real revolution, with clubs from Saudi Arabia signing European league stars. Famous footballers head to the kingdom and with them follow their companions who, faithful to their own style, consciously or unconsciously contribute to the empowerment of women in the Arabian peninsula, where native women still cannot, for example, dress as they want, limited by Sharia , Islamic law.

Among the most popular ones, Georgina Rodríguez settled in Riyadh in January, when Cristiano Ronaldo was made official by Al Nassr. Local laws prohibit cohabitation between two people of different genders who do not have a family relationship, or are not married, but the two can share the same roof, because, according to specialist lawyers, “the authorities began to turn a blind eye to these situations in the Last times”.

The Brazilian Alex Telles, who already played for F. C. Porto, now reinforces the CR7 team, under the command of Luís Castro, and will be accompanied by his wife, Vitoria Telles, and daughter, Antonella.

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