Início » 149 crimes associated with World Youth Day registered

149 crimes associated with World Youth Day registered

The Minister of Internal Administration, José Luís Carneiro, says that the performance of the security forces during the World Youth Day (WYD) was marked by "trust, cooperation and civic will".

In a press conference this Monday, the minister thanked “the unsurpassed dedication, pride and dedication” of all the national police, all branches of the Armed Forces, the SEF and the information systems, in what was “the biggest event ever carried out in terms of coordination, planning, implementation and monitoring of security in the country”.

The minister also highlights the work of those who were at the back of security, especially the SIRESP network, which received “6,000,410 calls promoted by more than 180 entities”, with “maximum delays”, during the main WYD events, “from eight seconds”.

Paulo Vizeu Pinheiro, general secretary of the Internal Security System, also considers that the WYD took place in an “exemplary” way in terms of security.

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