Início » Brazil, Ukraine and trade with China mark start of Davos forum

Brazil, Ukraine and trade with China mark start of Davos forum

Pol Costa

The war in Ukraine and China’s trade opening mark the beginning of the Davos forum on Tuesday (17), which brings together the world’s economic and political elite in Switzerland all year, and where the “new roadmap” for Brazil will also be presented.

Almost a year after the Russian invasion of Ukraine and just days after the bombing of a residential building that left at least 40 dead, the war will be very present in the discussions, with a large Ukrainian delegation at the Swiss ski resort and a remote speech by President Volodimir Zelensky.

Russia remains completely absent from this forum – which for years welcomed its oligarchs with open arms – but a significant Chinese presence is expected, following the end of Beijing’s strict health restrictions by covid-19.

Tuesday’s speech by Vice Premier Liu He, who led negotiations during the trade war with the United States, is highly anticipated and could relaunch the Asian giant’s trade opening to the world.

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“At a time when we need more international cooperation on many fronts, we face the specter of a new Cold War that could fragment the world into rival economic blocs,” International Monetary Fund (IMF) Secretary General Kristalina Georgieva warned online on Monday (16).

Brazil will also be at the center of Tuesday’s debates, with the session “Brazil: A New Roadmap”, attended by the Minister of Finance, Fernando Haddad, and the Minister of Environment, Marina Silva.

Both are in Davos to represent the Lula government and seek investments, in a delicate context after the attack of thousands of people at the headquarters of the Three Powers in Brasília.

Latin America is once again taking center stage in Davos with the presence of the presidents of Colombia, Ecuador and Costa Rica, as well as representatives from Peru and the Dominican Republic, among other countries in the region.

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There is, above all, a concern for the future of the Amazon, where young activists like Helena Gualinga, known as the “Greta Thunberg of Ecuador” and who is also in Davos this year, are fighting deforestation and defending their communities.

Once again, Greenpeace denounced the “hypocrisy” of the world elites, who go to Davos to talk about the climate, but by private jet. In last year’s edition, up to 500 flights were registered in private planes departing from or arriving at airports near the ski resort, according to a study commissioned by the entity from the Dutch consulting firm CE Delft.

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