Início » Police arrest 1500 Bolsonaro supporters accused of coup d’état and 14 other crimes

Police arrest 1500 Bolsonaro supporters accused of coup d’état and 14 other crimes

Lula and presidents of other powers speak of unity after unprecedented destruction in Brasilia. Bolsonarist camps in front of the barracks were demobilized two months later. Governor of the Federal District removed by the Supreme Court for “connivance”.

More than 1,500 people involved in terrorist acts in Brasília, which culminated in the depredation of the headquarters of the Brazilian executive, legislative and judicial powers, on Sunday, were detained in the last few hours, according to Flávio Dino, Minister of Justice and Public Security of the government of President Lula da Silva. Prisoners can answer for coup d’état and 14 more crimes.

According to Dino at a press conference, 209 of those arrests took place in flagrante delicto and the remaining around 1,300 were for hearings by the police. Almost all of them belong to supporters of former President Jair Bolsonaro stationed in the camp set up two months ago in front of the army headquarters in Brasília – this camp and dozens of others set up throughout Brazil have already been dismantled.

“Those who were at the site of the destruction were arrested in what is considered a flagrante delicto, and judicial police measures will be taken. It will be up to the judiciary to give a final answer as to what will happen to them, some will be subject to a custody hearing, others may eventually receive the benefit of provisional release,” said the minister.

According to Dino, there will be the opening of three investigations to investigate not only who are the people who participated in the acts but also who are the financiers, who are still in the process of identification. The minister said that he already has a list of all the people who financed the vehicles that went to Brasília.

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