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Unemployment in Macau drops to 4.7 by November

Between September and November 2022, the unemployment rate reached 3.7 percent and the unemployment rate for residents was 4.7 percent, that is, minus 0.2 and 0.3 percentage points, respectively, compared to the quarter between August and October last year, according to data provided by the Directorate of Statistics and Censuses (DSEC). The underemployment rate also fell by 2.2 percentage points to 4.3 percent in the period under review.

The Government justified the positive trend with the “carrying out of several large-scale activities in November”, which boosted “the increase in the need for human resources”.

Between September and November, the active population of Macau totaled 375,900 people, which represented an activity rate of 68.9 percent. Even so, the employed population was 1,100 fewer people “compared to the previous period, mainly due to the drop in the number of non-resident workers living in Macau”.

In the gaming, transport and storage sectors, the number of workers has decreased, indicated the DSEC, with wholesale trade counteracting this trend and employing more people.

The unemployed population between September and November was made up of 14,000 people, 700 less compared to the previous period.

The number of unemployed people looking for their first job represented 11.4 percent of the total unemployed population, 3 percent less than in the previous period.

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